What are MANIROUGE nail wraps?

It is completely


long lasting


method of nail art

These are nail wraps applied with heat

MANIROUGE is applied to your nails with the help of heat, which comes out of a small, handy Mini Heater device.

The nail wrap becomes elastic, adapts to the shape and congeals on the nail.

You can find detailed instructions here:

How to apply Manirouge?
The adhesive that binds the nail wrap with your fingernail is an adhesive for skin contact!

Manirouge is a dermatologically and laboratory-tested product, completely safe

What do you get in one set of nail wraps?


20 nail wraps

to be cut in half

up to 4 applications

for fingernails or toenails

Always nice and neat nails!

Will I manage with the Manirouge application?

Yes! When you learn how to apply MANIROUGE,
the application becomes quick and easy!

Do you want to work out?

As for everything you need a little practice, that's why when you make your first order you will receive test nail wraps that will allow you to practice a new method of nailart.

The application will take you

20 - 30 minutes

Patterns are our love!

We have around 250 designs. We are constantly expanding and diversifying our collection so that each of us could find something for her!

We constantly create and observe the latest trends, so that #ManirougeGirl is always on time!


Manirouge will last on your nails

up to 14 days!

Pedicure up to 5 weeks!

MANIROUGE can also be applied on your toenails!