PPrepare all the accessories you need to have them at hand.
Before applying the Manirouge sticker, very thoroughly degrease the nail plate, using a cotton swab and Manirouge degreasing liquid.
Adjust the size of the nail sticker. When applying the sticker, remember not to touch the nail polish - ALWAYS choose a smaller sticker from your nail.
Cut the selected sticker in half and peel off the backing.
Warm up the sticker for 5-6 secondsusing the Manirouge mini heater.
Apply the sticker with the rounded part to the base of the nail; To smooth it: press in sequence 1 2 3.
Scissors cut off the sticker sticking out of the nail plate.
Carefully and gently over-apply the sticker and polish the edges of the nail.
After all the steps, fix the sticker on the nail, heating it with the manirouge mini heater.

How to remove Manirouge?

  • 1. Put some oil to the nail bed. Coconut oil can also be used.
  • 2. Prise the nail wrap with an orange wood stick or a removing device.
  • 3. Remove the nail wrap by gently putting some oil under it.
  • 4. Do not apply any force as it can damage your natural nail plate.