How to apply Manirouge?

Prepare all the accessories you need to have them at hand.

1.Degrease the nail plate

Before applying the Manirouge nail wraps, very thoroughly degrease the nail plate, using a cotton swab and Manirouge degreasing liquid. The nail plate must be clean and dry. Any impurities such as dust and grease can adversely affect the durability of the nail wraps. Remember to carefully remove the skins.

2. Adjust the appropriate size

Adjust the size of the nail wrap. When applying the nail wraps, remember not to touch the cuticules- ALWAYS choose a smaller size from your nail.

3.Cut in half

Cut the selected nail wrap in half and peel off the backing. Remember not to touch the adhesive in the place that will be in contact with the nail.


Warm up the nail wrap for 5-6 seconds using the Manirouge Mini Heater.

5.Apply on the nail

Apply the nail wrap with the rounded edge at the cuticle


Smooth the nail wrap in the middle, later on the sides.


During the application, it is a good idea to stretch the nail wrap gently. Apply at the cuticle, warm it one more time and slightly stretch towards the free edge. Then smooth the sides of the nail.

8.File off the excess

Carefully and gently file off the excess of the nail wrap. Try to file at a 90-degree angle downward motion. Please note if you have filed the nail wrap carefully, otherwise it will cause the nail wrap to peel off quickly.


Very thoroughly polish the edges of the nail with a 1200/4000 polisher.

How to make Manirouge

with gel polish?

1.Degrease the nail wrap

2.Apply the gel base

3.Harden under the LED / UV lamp

4.Apply the gel top

5.Harden under the LED / UV lamp

6.Wipe each finger with nail cleaner


Now you are