Brand History

Manirouge is a young, Polish brand that was created by Girls for Girls. Its founder Klaudia, looking for a way to express herself, make women's lives easier and more beautiful, sought a solution to the constant problem which lots of women face everyday. Previous solutions on the market allowed to have a durable manicure at the expense of nail plate health or a healthy manicure at the expense of its durability. After more than a year of looking for a product that would fill the gap between classic lacquers and gel manicure, she created Manirouge - thermal nail wraps.

The process of creating the product was an extremely interesting way. Starting from the research for the right raw material, mastering the production technology process, ending with the analysis of the average width of the nail plates.

The online store was opened on May 12, 2017 and the first sale was made on the same day. Manirouge is a completely Polish brand, selling mainly on the Polish market and recently on the Mexican market.

We create new projects every day, believing that the art of design and the desire for individualism are close to every woman in the world.
The aim of the Manirouge brand is to make women aware that every woman can express herself in many ways, be independent, realize dreams, and understand that she is one of a kind.

Manirouge Manifesto

You are original i unique


together with MANIROUGE


be an artist of your own body

Always be trendy and confident


Always feel the only one because there is no

other woman like you ...

You are the only #ManirougeGirl of its kind
  • You are one of a kind woman
  • You are one of a kind wife
  • You are one of a kind girl
  • You are one of a kind mother
  • You are one of a kind sister
  • You are one of a kind daughter
  • You are one of a kind friend
  • You are one of a kind #ManirougeGirl