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You can make 4 applications to your finger or toe nails.

If applied properly, the effect will last up to 2 weeks on your finger nails and up to 6 weeks on your toe nails.

Rounded side of the nail wrap should be first applied to the nail bed. Then follow the instruction.

No, it is not necessary. Manirouge nail wraps do not require a top coat application.

For a better effect, or if you like to have harder nails, you can use a hybrid top coat. Remember to indure it under a LED or UV lamp, depending on the product type.

You remove it exactly the same way as a hybrid top coat-free Manirouge nail wrap. Prise the nail wrap, put some nail oil under it and unstick the nail wrap with an orange wood stick or a removing device. Learn more watching our tutorial: "How to remove Manirouge?"

Definitely yes! Manirouge nail wraps can be applied on gel, acrylic and hybrid nails.

Prepare some warm water, add some lemon juice. Soak your nails in it for about 1 minute, then prise the nail wrap and gently remove it from the nail using an orange wood stick or a removing device.

Watch our tutorial: „Manirouge tips” to learn more about Manirouge application. You can also join our online training where we will answer all your questions about Manirouge application.

Your nail surface may have not been cleaned and degreased properly. Applying Manirouge nail wraps, please make sure there is no grease, nail polish remains or cuticle on your nails.

When applying Manirouge make sure you use enough pressure to smooth it. The nail wraps get activated by both, heat and pressure. If, after a few days, you happen to discover that the nail wrap does not stick to the nail surface – put some transparent foil over your nail and heat it. See: “Manirouge tips” tutorial for more information.

Yes, you can. However, it is not recommended. Hair dryer generates too much heated air and it will not soften the nail wrap properly. This may cause application problems. Manirouge Mini Heater uses appropriate temperature and softens the nail wraps accordingly which facilitates the application. See: “Manirouge tips” tutorial for more information on alternative heat sources.

Manirouge nail wraps have been dermatologically tested and they do not cause any allergies or irritation. The glue sticking the nail wrap to the nail surface is completely skin and nail surface safe.

If you are careful while removing the nail wraps, you will not use force to remove the wraps, and you will act according to the nail wrap removing instructions – your nails will be completely safe.

Yes, of course. Manirouge is a good idea if your nail surface needs some time to regenerate as it protects it from further damage.

Of course. Manirouge will protect your nails from mechanical damage, enhancing their regeneration and growth.

No. Manirouge company does not allow animal tests.

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